During the past months, we have realized a number of mandates which are typical of the types of services that LogiQual can offer.

Medical Devices Industry :

Railway Industry:

  • Planning and delivering CMMI V2.0 Virtual Appraisals and Training
  • CMMI Training for an organization using AGILE principles
  • Combined Assessment – Renewal IRIS and CMMI Level 3 on 2 sites (Effort: 4 weeks with a team of 6 persons)
  • Combined Assessment – Renewal ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3 for 8 sites (Effort: 8 weeks with a team of 7 persons)
  • SCAMPI A for Level 2 and 3
  • CMMI V2.0 Benchmark Appraisals and Evaluations in Europe and North America
  • Introduction to CMMI in Canada, USA and Europe
  • IEEE 1558 Training in France, Finland, USA and Canada
  • Supporting the Business Process Improvement of the IT/OT Departments by planning and performing CMMI V2.0 SVC and DEV Evaluations

Aerospace Industry:

  • Supporting the implementation of a 3PL Logistic Center by performing the Project Quality Assurance Activities

IT / IS Industry:

  • Planning and performing CMMI Virtual Delivery Appraisals with multiple Organizations
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