Effective Combined Assessment to cover both IRIS (initial, surveillance and renewal audits) and CMMI  V2.0. These combined assessments are performed in partnership with IRIS Certification Body.

Purpose :

  • Add value and ROI for your 3rd Party Assessments
  • Reduce the cost of your 3rd Party Assessments
  • Reduce disruptions caused by multiple and individual Assessments/Audits
  • Having a single point of contact for multiple Assessments/Certifications
  • Still get the individual benefits of CMMI Appraisals and IRIS Audits

Return on Investment :

  • Performed by a single CMMI Institute Certified Lead Appraiser and IRIS Lead Auditor
  • High degree of confidence in the results
  • Significant reduction of Cost and Duration

Standards covered or used : 

  • CMMI  V2.0 with associated Appraisal Methods
  • ISO/TS 22163 and IRIS V3.0 Conformity Assessment

Typical Effort:

  • CMMI Appraisal Effort + 20-50% (Influencing factors : Number of employees, Production activities or not, Maturity Level selected, Engineering Disciplines covered)
  • Team : minimum of 2 members from Certification Body to cover all IRIS aspects and the balance of the team will be selected from internal or external resources to cover the CMMI Organizational Scope
  • To obtain a proposal please send us a request at: sales@logiqual.qc.ca
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