Etablish your Actual Organizational Maturity and/or Process Capacity Rating against the CMMI V2.0 (Virtual or In-House)

Purpose :

  • You need to know your rating against the CMMI V2.0
  • You need an evaluation result that you can promote
  • You need to establish an initial baseline for Process Improvement
  • You need to evaluate a subcontractor as part of your selection and/or qualification process
  • You are ready to merge with or acquire a System and/or Software Engineering Organization
  • You are ready to outsource System and/or Software Development/Maintenance
  • You want to invest in a System and/or Software Engineering Organization

Return on Investment :

  • World-Wide Recognition for your Process Capability/Organizational Maturity Level Rating
  • Performed by an CMMI Institute Partner certified to deliver CMMI Appraisal Services
  • Higher degree of confidence in the results due to the full consensus approach required by the formal assessment methods

Standards covered or used : 

  • CMMI  V2.0 with applicable Benchmark Appraisal Methods

Typical Effort:

  • Off-site (3-8 days) and On-site (5-20 days), depending upon the model and assessment method used
  • Appraisal team size : 4 to 8 persons (mix of external and internal resources)
  • To obtain a proposal please send us a request at:
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